Jeansblunder: seriously?

I am a jeans person myself. Even for work I prefer jeans instead of business pants. A jeans with blazer and some cute boots and you are ready to go.

But this year its hard to find the perfect jeans and you know why because the skinny jeans is in right now, and how sexy it might be look, its so uncomfortable.

Skinny jeans


Seriously, who can wear that, except when you have a size of a teenager. They are not comfortable,..and I am lucky if it even fits me in the first place and I am size 8/10. I can get this till my ankle and then it get stuck.

Ripped jeans


Who want to pay that amount of money for a jeans that got stuck in a washing machine? Just buy a jeans from the h&m and take the scissors. You want to throw away a jeans you have for ages but then you want to buy a jeans that looked exactly the same?

Jeans, like when your size was sold out and you wanted those jeans more than anything

Another what I call fashion blunder,..

jeans, like its too short.

And it was even in fashion in the winter instead of the classic boots. Seriously, who comes up with that. Whats next wearing a bikini when you go skying?



My favourite jeans of all time is the MAC jeans. So classy, elegant and makes your outfit ready to go. They have an high waste and they are a perfect fit every time. Of course I prefer the bootcut and straight leg one.